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Discover natural freedom of movement

With LORAX PRO™ barefoot shoes, you're choosing comfort, healthy feet, and a natural walking experience. These unique shoes give you the feeling of running barefoot while providing protection and support.


Our barefoot shoes are specially designed to give your feet room to breathe and move, just as nature intended. They will not only improve the strength and flexibility of your arch, but also bring your body into a natural stability.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

Our LORAX PRO™ Footwear Barefoot shoes can help relieve pain caused by foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, diabetic feet, bunions etc..

The advanced arch support and cushioning system in these shoes work together to reduce pressure on your feet and joints, providing instant pain relief..

Wide Toe Box

Our LORAX PRO™ barefoot shoes are designed with a generous toe box, offering a multitude of advantages for your feet.

This roomy configuration serves to alleviate pressure on your toes and forefoot, making it especially advantageous for individuals dealing with conditions such as bunions, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and diabetes.

The broader shape additionally permits your toes to splay out in a more natural manner, contributing to enhanced balance and stability.

Optimal Comfort – All Day Long

✓ Breathable Material - Let your feet breathe and relieve your joints with our LORAX PRO™  Barefoot Shoes.

✓ Natural Gait - Barefoot shoes promote a natural walking style and strengthen the muscles in your feet and legs while preventing body aches.

✓ Stimulate Blood Circulation - Direct contact of the feet with the ground in barefoot shoes promotes better blood circulation in the feet and legs, contributing to healthier blood circulation and reducing fatigue.

✓ Wide Toe Box - The wide toe box combined with the flexibility of barefoot shoes allows the toes to move and spread freely, promoting foot strength and flexibility.

✓ Versatile - The comfortable weight and breathable design make LORAX PRO™ barefoot shoes perfect for everyday use.

Orthopedist's Recommendation

Our LORAX PRO™ Footwear shoes are not only designed for outdoor adventures but also for optimal comfort and support for your feet. Specialists in orthopedics and podiatry recommend our shoes because of their ergonomic design features that help minimize foot strains during walks or daily use. Step with confidence knowing you're in good hands - both for your adventures and for your foot health.

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