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Never suffer from sore feet while working again!

With our orthopedic safety shoes, sore feet, even after 8-12 hour workdays, are a thing of the past!

The shoe is mega comfortable, extremely lightweight, and therefore very pleasant to wear. Even with 25 to 30 thousand steps per day, you'll feel like walking on clouds and have no more pain.

Our Venomax safety shoe features an EU-certified steel toe cap (EN ISO 20345).

Orthopedic and puncture-resistant Kevlar sole! 

Our safety shoes are incredibly comfortable and pain-relieving thanks to the orthopedic sole. The sole is 100% slip-resistant, puncture-proof, and extremely durable.

With the puncture-resistant Kevlar sole, you're safe everywhere you go. Whether it's nails or other sharp objects, you're protected.

Our orthopedic sole provides immediate pain relief! The ergonomic fit supports and stabilizes the arch of the foot - so you won't have any more pain.

100% slip-resistant, antistatic & waterproof

Standard safety shoes tend to slip on wet or oily floors. That's why we prioritize a specially designed slip-resistant and durable sole for our safety shoes.

The innovative CodaPlex™ Anti-Slip Technology ensures maximum safety and grip. Whether on tiles, vinyl floors, or the construction site - we guarantee: You'll never slip again!

The 100% waterproof material protects your feet from water and other liquids - always dry feet.

Have you ever walked on clouds?

With our wide (comfortable) toe box, orthopedic outsole, and MemoryFoam™ insole, you'll feel like walking on clouds.

Don't you believe it? We guarantee it! We're so confident in our shoes that we offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

No more sweaty and smelly feet.

Thanks to the patented CoolStep™ material, air escapes from the shoe (no sweaty feet) and no liquid gets in (always dry feet). That means you'll never sweat on your feet again.

Developed by Orthopedists and Podiatrists.

Our ergonomic safety shoes have been developed in collaboration with renowned orthopedists and podiatrists and are already recommended by numerous physiotherapists. This allows us to guarantee that our safety shoes are pain-relieving and healthy.

Already more than 83,400 happy customers have followed this recommendation.

14-day money-back guarantee

Try our shoes risk-free for 14 days! If you don't love them, we'll refund your money. Order now and see for yourself! For more information, please read our return policy.

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